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www.Hedgedequity.com, is a proprietary research entity that develops sophisticated 'model' portfolio strategies for the global investment community. We specialize in low volatility, alpha seeking equities, ETFs and futures strategies that are non-correlated to the traditional equity and bond indices. What sets up apart is that all our employees and research contributors are members of the CFA institute and/or are CFA/CAIA charter-holders. Therefore, we adhere to and are held to highest ethical standards in the industry.

In terms of philosophy, our fundamental belief is centered around the fact that markets are inherently inefficient and often create pockets of opportunities for astute investors. We challenge conventional wisdom but follow common sense. We respect market forces but try to circumvent herd mentality.


The core to our Equities investment philosophy

  • Earnings can be manipulated and that operating cash flow and sales growth are key to analyzing any security.
  • We believe that it is not possible to value securities with negative yields or with a negative opportunity cost of capital. That's beyond our intellect.
  • EV/Operating cash flow is a better measure of valuation than P/E or forward P/E.
  • We also believe that it is foolish to chase yields by investing in weak companies. Eventually security prices will align and when they do, capital losses will far exceed any prior differential yield gains.
  • Past security price volatility cannot predict future volatility or beta in securities - contrary to how it is broadly computed today.
  • We never make a judgement call on market direction. We believe that it is difficult to do so consistently for a long time. We take educated guesses and overlay it with systematic probability. The best decisions are always in hindsight.
  • Therefore, our strategies seek absolute return with beta neutral and non-correlated exposure to the overall market.

Our managed futures and futures based strategies and holdings are driven by deep macroeconomic analysis with technical overlay. On Macro-economic front, we believe that:

  • Fiscal policies are more influential than monetary policies in terms of affecting investing behavior and yielding longer term growth (and savings/investment) related decisions. Fiscal policies also generally yield more stable job growth with stronger real incomes.
  • We disagree in the theory that Fed can induce real growth with its expansive monetary policies. In the short term perhaps but longer term, we believe (to the contrary) that easy capital or free capital inevitably increases excess capacity, driving down profitability for everyone and denting capitalism to its core.
  • In today's global economy with little to no resource barriers, global access to labor markets and with open information on prices facilitated by technology and internet, competitive prices on goods and services will be driven down to where marginal cost equals marginal profit thereby putting a lid on cost based inflation in case central bankers are perplexed why so much money printing is not resulting in a proportionate increase in prices. Continuous innovation will remain to be the only engine of true growth for companies and economies globally.